Ballet Austin combines an approach to dance that is classical, untamed and innovative. Although their company is well grounded, it is unclear as to who their audience is.

Done in collaboration with Alex Aydelott and Megan Lane


Create an approach to the campaign that embodies classical ballet with a modern view to capture a greater and younger audience.


Keeping traditional and modern ballet in mind, we developed a rich experience of performance dance that reaches out to a younger audience.


A vibrant color palette , inspired from a combination of traditional and modern print ad colors, represents the energy and personality of the company, offering different pairings of colors within the palette to captivate the audience.


The typefaces were chosen because they evoke a strong emotion and modern look to complement the movement of the dancers.


The printed ads of the season performances are placed in high traffic areas of Austin, so the captivating look and feel of the brand is brought to the attention of more people.


Further application of the Be Moved campaign include promotion of dance classes and performances in Austin. The emphasis on movement takes a different interpretation when the community is encouraged to participate in these events through various social media platforms.


The web layout is focused on the rich dance performances with the appearance of dance classes featured on the home screen.